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Providing birth, postpartum & VBAC services for families in the Denver Metro area.

Services and Fees

Labor doula

Some of the many services we provide as part of the labor doula package are:

• Prenatal visits
• Help with creation of your birth plan
• Assistance in preparing for your birth
• Information on birthing procedures and alternatives
• General pregnancy counseling
• Unlimited support by phone and email
• Continuous labor support including (but not limited to) providing suggestions to relieve any discomfort, emotional support, massage, and ideas for different positions
• Support following birth with any needs you might have
• Postpartum visit at your home
• Breastfeeding support
• Written account of the birth

VBAC classes

This 2 hour private class is designed for families who have experienced a previous cesarean birth but are now planning to have a vaginal birth. Couples clarify their previous birth experience(s) and are given the opportunity to discuss any unresolved feelings. Birth options and criteria for trial of labor and VBAC, including the risks and benefits, are discussed. Communication skills and coping techniques are reviewed. Included are exercises and positive visualizations. Also discussed are ways to prevent a cesarean, and options if a cesarean becomes necessary. Currently, only private classes are being held. Cost: $100 per class. Please contact us for more information.

Postpartum doula services

Providing in-home emotional and physical support after the birth of your baby. I also know of many other wonderful postpartum doulas in the area if we are booked up. Please contact Pauli @ 720-435-0181 for more information.

Consistent backup

Denver Doulas believes that consistent backup is very important. While I rarely have needed to use my backups, we all know that emergencies happen, occasionally nature has different plans, and people become ill. Therefore I work closely with other doulas to provide backup support should it be needed. I ask that my clients meet with my backup to make sure there is a connection made before labor and birth. Very rarely with long births (24+ hours) I will call in my backup so I can rest briefly.


The results of ten randomized trials of continuous doula support during labor and birth show that the presence of a doula reduces:

Overall cesarean rate by roughly 45%
Length of labor by 25%
Oxytocin (pitocin) use by 50%
Use of pain medication by 31%
The need for forceps by 34%
Requests for epidurals by 10-60%

These convincing research findings about the many benefits of doula care confirm our overall conclusions: doula support enhances the well-being of mothers and babies, leads to fewer medical interventions in the process of labor and delivery, and saves money.

Source: The Doula Book, Marshall H. Klaus, M.D., John H. Kennall, M.D., and Phyllis H. Klaus, C.S.W., M.F.T. 2002

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